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However, soon after, in the process of describing the sacrifices that he brings, it tells us that he must bring a sin-offering to atone for a certain aveira that he has committed. What is that aveira? Rashi brings the opinion of Rebbe Elazar Hakappa that his sin was that he caused himself pain by depriving himself of the enjoyment of drinking wine. Thus there is a blatant contradiction as to whether the Nazir is doing a great mitza or is in fact committing an aveira.

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This month at St. Benedict Classical Academy, students will be focusing upon the virtue of Temperance. As Lent begins this week, it is an appropriate time to dwell upon this particular virtue.

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Nasso and Shavuos

Read it in context. Hedonistic utilitarians believe in the alleviation of suffering and the delivery of pleasure in the sense of such things as comfort and intellectual pleasures as well as baser pleasures. This is in the tradition of John Stuart Mill, and many English thinkers, including socialists such as Orwell, take this premise for granted. The phrase "the greatest good for the greatest number" is commonly used as a description of this kind of hedonistic utilitarianism.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Shepherd J. Consciousness and Moral Status. Oxon UK : Routledge;