Thumb hole grip for rifle rail

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Selling everything from expensive scopes to cheap slings, the accessory industry is made up of hundreds of manufacturers. But what more does the discerning AR-owner need once they have an optic, a rail system, vertical fore grip and the latest milspec stock? How about a cool futuristic-looking furniture set from Hera Arms :.

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2019 Featureless AR-15 Rifles: All You Need to Know!

Can't find your bolt action system? Or do you have another question? Wood Finnish laminated birch Color Standard color Finish None Configuration options Grip type Choose from a traditional thumb-up grip or a comfortable thumbhole grip.

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Vertical forward grip

A vertical forward grip or foregrip is a vertical grip that is designed to attach to a firearm for the forward hand or "off hand". Forward grips aid in the maneuverability of the firearm, since the natural angle of a person's outstretched hand is more oriented to grasping objects at a vertical angle, rather than a horizontal one perpendicular to the body. Vertical foregrips can have features located inside the inner diameter, such as a deployable bipod inside the grip's housing. The grip may also have a tactical light and the control switches molded into the grip's assembly.

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A Featureless Rifle is the term used to describe a semi-automatic rifle that does not have any of the following:. The figure below labels the features a normal AR has that gun owners in free states typically have minus the grenade launcher. So again, if you are new to the AR game you have the choice of either fixing the magazine with some type of magazine lock or going featureless. Nevertheless, Calguns.