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Slashdot is powered by your submissionsso send in your scoop. During The Simpson's movie, it showed Bart's junk while he was skateboarding. Does this mean the movie depicts Child Porn? Does that mean imaginary numbers are now real too?

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Robinson Introduction We chafe when people call The Simpsons "just a cartoon," but sometimes this attitude works in our favor. This list shows how this can be. It covers not just moments of nudity on The Simpsonsbut also times when a character appears in his or her underwear, or when nudity is used as the basis of a joke. Do you think a live-action show, even one on Fox, can get away with all this?

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By Charlotte RuncieArts and Entertainment writer. Complaints about recent episodes of The Simpsons reveal that some viewers still take an almost prudish view on what should be shown on TV. Some of those who took offence at "bad language" cited the words "toosh", "poop" and "pee".

Every word is treasured. And I would also like to thank Snookiepuf for her brilliant idea for these two to play Twister! I have never myself played, so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies I may have portrayed with the game.