Panic in the adult film industry

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Once upon a time, the adult film industry led technological trends for the entire entertainment business, but technological advances, rising costs, piracy and a saturated market have in many ways left the porn business adrift in uncertainty. One of the most vexing issues for pornography producers and distributors is whether to back Sony's Blu-ray high-definition DVD format, Toshiba's HD DVD, standard definition discs—or if it's even worthwhile to stay with hard copies at all when online distribution is so much cheaper. Warner Bros. He says it's unclear whether it makes sense for adult film companies that still distribute on disc to upgrade to high-def at all.

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Is It Time for A Moral Panic over Pornography?

Porn production nationwide has been halted in the wake of confirmation that actress Cameron Bay has contracted HIV. The moratorium was put in place Wednesday when the actress received an inconclusive test result during her her regular screening for sexually transmitted diseases. The Los Angeles Times reports that the most recent STD-related industry moratorium was issued in August as a result of a syphilis outbreak. The industry's last HIV scare — which halted production nationwide for a week and ultimately proved to be a false alarm — was in

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Panic In Pornville: Tech Shakes Up Adult Films

This article was originally published on The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. Disclosure information is available on the original site. And no less so with The Deuce, his series about the rise of the pornography industry in the s, which debuted Sept.

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The subpoenas detailed that test results and information from health care facilities like Cutting Edge Testing, and Talent Testing Service. Ever since Measure Ba bill instituted by AHF to make condom usage within the Los Angeles County porn industry a necessity, the association has been cracking down on the spread of sexually transmitted infections throughout this expansive underground business. Their efforts, though, have been met with much backlash from the actors and filmmakers themselves, saying that this mandate is not only a violation of their freedom of speech, but in the long run, does little to stop the spread of diseases.