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All three pictures belong to the "raunchy romantic comedy" genre, but Apatow has achieved something impressive: deliver hilarious, profane comedy and develop tender relationships between likable characters. Good Luck Chuck could use a little of the "Apatow touch. To make matters worse, the premise is rich with possibilities, but the script takes the safe route at every fork in the road, leaving all the most interesting and potentially side-splitting roads untraveled. Good Luck Chuck begins in the '80s.

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Due to the seemingly unrelated trailers that schizophrenically advertised the film, one could expect "Good Luck Chuck" to be about one of three things. From one depicting Chuck's many beautiful love-interests, Dane Cook's newest romp appeared to be a by-the-book romantic comedy. A completely different trailer depicted "Chuck" as a slapstick Cook vehicle sporting a mighty attractive, yet endearingly clumsy, Jessica Alba.

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Jessica Alba on Good Luck Chuck

Lionsgate will be releasing a new movie in theaters on September 21 called Good Luck Chuck. He simply wants a little love for himself that will last. Did you go on a campaign to send a message to Hollywood that you can be funny? I hosted the movie awards knowing I was going to be able to do these skits and Dane was at the show.

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The idea of what is offensive changes from century to century and decade to decade. Lenny Bruce got arrested in the s for saying things we heard a few years back on television shows such as Sex and the City. When I was a teenager, I was scandalised and amused by reading about what Alex Portnoy did with a piece of liver in Portnoy's Complaint.