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By Richard Gray for MailOnline. Height is one of the defining features of people from northern Europe, but it seems they owe their towering stature to an ancient group of nomads from central Asia's steppes. Researchers studying DNA from Stone Age human remains have, for the first time, been able to track some of the key genetic changes that shaped modern Europeans. In particular, they found that people from northern Europe owe their height to Bronze-age populations from the Eurasian steppes who migrated into the region.

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Hazel eyes: What causes hazel eye color

Baby Aria is approaching her first birthday. Aria, like nearly half of the babies born in the US, is Caucasian. With light skin, light hair and light eyes, she was born with low levels of melanin, or pigmentation. Once she entered the world, the natural light boosted the melanin levels in her irises and a color change slowly began to occur.

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What Is Melanin?

Everyone with blue eyes alive today — from Angelina Jolie to Wayne Rooney — can trace their ancestry back to one person who probably lived about 10, years ago in the Black Sea region, a study has found. Scientists studying the genetics of eye colour have discovered that more than This indicates that the mutation originated in just one person who became the ancestor of all subsequent people in the world with blue eyes, according to a study by Professor Hans Eiberg and colleagues at the University of Copenhagen.

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