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Dual channel tube pre-amp with 12x7s. Great for guitar, vocals, or anything you want to add a little or a lot of tube saturation to. Illinois residents will be charged Illinois sales tax. We ship to both domestic and international customers.

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Vox AC4C1-BL 4W 1×10″ Vintage Blue Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Forum Rules. Remember Me? New Apollo Desktop Interfaces!

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Presonus BlueTube V2 Excellent

The latest Bluetooth speakers offer excellent sound and are still the easiest way to listen to your favourite tunes without the need for cumbersome wires. The first question to ask yourself when choosing a Bluetooth speaker is how portable you need it to be. Some speakers are basically just replacements for a hifi, providing top-quality audio without the hassle, while others are small enough to fit in a pocket, with plenty of options in between.

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Presonus Bluetube makeover. Hello all - The subject of the Presonus Bluetube mic preamp was mentioned in another thread as a possible subject for mods. To get the ball rolling - kevinkr offered these suggestions : "I replaced the original quad op-amps with National LME - see here: LME - Quad High Performance, High Fidelity Audio Operational Amplifier The supply in this thing is one of the real weak points IMO and a separate toroid and full wave rectification of the rails would be a real enhancement. A separate winding for the tube would be good too.