World record for having sex

Karlee. Age: 23.
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That got your attention, right? Like a starving bum drawn to the scent of bread when someone opens the door to a Subway, sex gets us to focus like nothing else. Well, except maybe bizarre sex.

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Parker. Age: 32.
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Five world sex records you won't believe

This will be the most ambitious occasion yet for Pearl Derriere, 29 — who stopped counting her sexual partners when she hitaged 21 — since starting her first events company, Menage Life, inwith a DJ pal, inspired by attending numerous private sex parties. Pearl, who will attend the mass orgy — the date and location of which remain a closely guarded secret within the sex positive community — worked in an insurance company before moving into the sex industry in Still openly polyamorous — enjoying a relationship with more than one partner — she currently lives with her boyfriend Dan Patrick, 35, who works in hospitality, and visits her girlfriend Tomi Tailey, 30, in Dallas. Her partners, who have shared a bed with her, but have not had sex together, are also happy for her to have casual liaisons with other people at orgies.

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Mariyah. Age: 24.
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Can you break these sex world records? (20 Photos)

Donna Turner November 26, Users currently reading: 6. This is the sequel to a previous article about weird world records of sex — because of course there are more! The world is absolutely chockablock with sex acts that, while valid, still go beyond the pale of what most of polite society will find themselves engaging in. This extends to cultural aspects, as there are bizarre sex practises to be found all over the world.

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Sex is awesome and weird and sometimes even competitive. This list looks at the weirdest sex records of all time. Okay, some of them were easy.