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Victoria Yates, 40, is a senior crown prosecutor from Saddleworth, Manchester. She is married to David, and they have two sons, Jamie, nine, and Luke, seven. After her diagnosis, she set up the Younger Breast Cancer Network UKan online support group for breast-cancer sufferers under The night my life fell apart could not have been more ordinary.

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What it's really like to get breast cancer as a young woman

A simple beauty trick has helped a young Australian scientist unearth a revolutionary new way to detect breast cancer. She realised that oils from the blood of breast cancer patients was being deposited in their hair and that a simple blood test could screen for the disease. Although the test is not yet on the market, preliminary results show a promising 90 per cent cancer detection rate.

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'My dream is to have this for every woman': The young doctor who made a breast breakthrough

On Wednesday, he said he didn't feel the teenager was uncomfortable during the consultation but, in retrospect, could accept she had been. Previously, an expert had told the tribunal it was acceptable to raise sexual health with young people, but the doctor felt it was important. Under cross examination, prosecution lawyer Anita Miller asked if he was suggesting the woman was making up her claim. He denied Miller's suggestion there was no notes because he knew he had breached a previous undertaking to his employers and didn't want to get caught.

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After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the United States for women, according to the American Cancer Society. It's estimated that 12 percent of women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life,new cases will be diagnosed before the end ofand 40, of those women will die from breast cancer. While death rates of the disease have dropped by 39 percent between andlargely in part to awareness as a recent study found that mammograms aren't the end all be all in diagnosissince death of breast cancer in women under 50 have remained the same. However, in women over 50 the death rates have decreased.