Boob myth

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March 18, 2 Comments. Your boobs are a part of you throughout your entire life. Yet, there are so many myths about the girls.

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9 myths about breasts that you should stop believing

By Emma BarnettWomen's Editor. Balconette, strapless, plunge, full cup, half cup — this bra business is complicated stuff. And yet, despite all of the options design and style out there, the majority of British women are still walking around wearing the wrong sized-bra.

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Boob Facts and Myths

Wearing a bra to bed is a simple act that's surrounded by huge myths. Women have used bras for centuries to lift and separate, provide support, or just make everything stay put. But wear one to bed, and suddenly rumors fly that the bust-boosting garment increases your risk of breast cancer and even flattens your chest.

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It's not exactly news that, throughout history, people have believed some ridiculous myths about women and women's bodies. You may already know that Hippocrates thought wombs wandered through the body; that the Victorians thought certain girls could live without eating and subsist solely off of air; and that the female orgasm wasn't "scientifically proven" until sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson published research on the topic in What may be even weirder than all of these sexist myths, however, are the weird historical myths about boobs that people once believed.