Adult psycho-educational tests for learn disabilites

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As an adult, you may find yourself or someone you know struggling with suspected learning disabilities. Adults with learning disabilities may have been born that way or they may have acquired their disorder later in life. Often adults who have learning disabilities have developed ways of combining their strengths with strategies to help them succeed in life despite their disorder.

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Psychoeducational Assessments

Understanding an individual's learning styles is very important. This helps a teacher know how to help a student learn. It also helps a person make better career choices.

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Assessment for Adults with LD and/or ADHD

An IEP alone is not enough to get services in college. If a psychoeducational evaluation is included with it, then more than likely services can be obtained with that. Learning disabilities evaluations, including IEPs, should be valid for at least three 3 years, so if your last evaluation for your IEP was within the last three years, it should be fine. Sometimes colleges will waive the 3-year rule if the testing was last done in your later high school years.

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We are passionate about helping people by using our knowledge of brain function and psychological assessment to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. Having an accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensure that you or your child gets appropriate treatment and accommodations to be successful. Neuropsychologists, Dr.