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A woman begins to fall. With her long dark hair in a ponytail and her black-and-red scarf loose around her neck, she is plummeting from a fourth-floor balcony, through the neon-charged November night. Below awaits 40th Road, a gritty street of commerce in the Flushing section of Queens. Chinese restaurants and narrow storefronts, and dim stairwells leading to private transactions.

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Massage Parlors with 'Happy Endings' Give These Sex Workers a Decent Living

A federal court case involving the attempted deportation of an alleged bawdy house operator highlights how Richmond continues to be home to off-street prostitution. Chun Tao Zhang is a year-old Taiwanese citizen who is fighting allegations by immigration officials that she came to Canada on a work permit, set up through a marriage of convenience, and violated it by engaging in sex work in Richmond massage parlours and downtown condominiums. A judicial review of her ordered deportation has been requested by Zhang and allegations have not been proven in court. The allegations are revealed in court documents detailing a sting operated by Canada Border Services Agency CBSA that found Zhang to be operating alongside a number of bawdy houses in the Lower Mainland.

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Indonesia protests over sex before marriage bill

Bonne visite! They were de facto bachelors, if not bachelors in fact. During the first half of the twentieth century, many men of Chinese heritage enjoyed sex, companionship, love, and family life. Perhaps as many as a third were married to or lived common-law with women of white heritage, and many more frequently engaged in sexual and intimate relationships with sex workers they sometimes sought as long-term companions.

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By the s, the legacy of the Indochina conflict, corruption, impunity — and in many cases — cultural acceptance of sex work had left much of Southeast Asia with burgeoning sex industries. However, as the region opened up to tourism in the s, children were becoming involved in this industry — with often horrifying results. There were several media reports that galvanized public opinion — such as cases of children burning to death because they had been chained to beds in brothels; children being sold by their parents in return for consumer goods; and multiple high profile unsolved child murders with a sexual element.