Bahamas amateur repeaters cruise

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Forgot Password? Young underserved students speak live with an astronaut on the International Space Station. HF Propagation and Earthquakes.

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Jump to navigation. A shipboard radio station includes all the transmitting and receiving equipment installed aboard a ship for communications afloat. Depending on the size, purpose, or destination of a ship, its radio station must meet certain requirements established by law or treaty.

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Bahamas amateur repeaters cruise

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Keeping in touch with friends or family on a cruise is easy if you're going to be purchasing an onboard WiFi packagebut often guests look to handheld radios or "walkie-talkies" for a cheaper way to coordinate happenings on ever-larger ships with countless distracting events. This can certainly be an effective option for some, but you'll want to keep reading to learn about features, options, reasonable expectations, and a few "gotchas" before relying on two-way radios on your cruise. Warning, I'm an amateur radio operator, used to work in radio communications, and a bit of a nerd - but I'll try to keep things simple.