Califications in breast

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The basic functional unit in the breast is the lobule, also called the terminal ductal lobular unit TDLU. The TDLU consists of acini, that drain into the terminal duct. The terminal duct drains into larger ducts and finally into the main duct of the lobe or segmentthat drains into the nipple.

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Breast Calcifications

If your mammogram shows breast calcifications, your radiologist may recommend other imaging tests or a biopsy. While calcifications can be benign, they can also be found in the breast in association with breast cancer. If your doctor has recommended that you get a biopsy or you wonder whether to have one, you can seek a second opinion before undergoing any procedures.

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Mammogram - calcifications

Im 44yrs old living in the Northern Scottish Highlands. She told me its nothing to worry about but best to get it checked at the breast clinic. He thought it best to do a mammogram and ultrasound to be on the safe side.

Asian institute of Oncology and S. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, India. Various patterns of calcifications occur in the breast; some benign, some malignant.