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Sex clubs are popping up in all of the hottest cities; London, Miami, L. But, are you daring enough to get in on this new craze? Killing Kittens is highly selective.

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What Really Happens Behind The Closed Doors Of A NYC Sex Club

Meet KennyBlunt and SheilaMonster, a sexually adventurous married couple with a shared appreciation for Burning Man and burlesque. The couple place ambiance at a premium: chemistry books burlesque acts and awesome DJs for the event and its locale in rented Brooklyn loft spaces is both elegant and welcoming. We sat down with Kenny and Sheila to discuss what happens at a sex party, the meaning of "lifestyle," and the ways sex clubs can rev up your sex life.

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The best swingers club NYC has to offer

Sometime last year, my best friend was invited to a sex club in Manhattan by someone she was sleeping with. When I say sex club, I mean Eyes Wide Shutbut without the creepy masks and mandatory white-tie-with-a-cape attire. The type of place where you pay a fee and can basically choose to participate in an open orgy.

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Everyone must adhere to all rules. Couples and single ladies are admitted on all nights, and single gentlemen are admitted on special nights only. Know your limits.