Drug influence on inner city teen

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Even against the odds, in neighborhoods of disorder and poverty, religious practice serves as a significant buffer against drug abuse and juvenile delinquency. A study of 2, young black males from impoverished inner-city Chicago and Philadelphia found that a high level of religious attendance was associated with a 46 percent reduction in the likelihood of using drugsa 57 percent reduction in the probability of dealing drugs, and a 39 percent decrease in the likelihood of committing a crime that was not drug-related. Thus, religious attendance was associated with direct decreases in both minor and major forms of crime and deviance to an extent unrivaled by government welfare programs.

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Teen drug abuse: 14 mistakes parents make

Growing up, I was very oblivious to drug use. I used to think drugs existed primarily in dark alleyways and on inner-city street corners. I believed all drug addicts were stereotypically poor, came from broken homes, and engaged in criminal activities regularly. I never would have imagined motivated, bright students, with everything going for them, turning to drug use.

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Effects of Religious Practice on Poor Communities

By bringing together renowned scientists, parent experts and communications professionals, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids not only translates current research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into easy to understand, actionable resources at drugfree. At drugfree. The abuse of prescription Rx and over-the-counter OTC medications by teens in America is no longer a fringe activity — it is entrenched in the teen population.

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There has been a sharp rise in the number of arrests of teenagers for drug dealing, prompting concern about young people being groomed to work as drug mules in so-called county lines operations. The figures are drawn from data supplied by 24 police forces. Five forces provided figures for unders, which showed that arrests in this age group almost doubled, from toover the same period. Young people are recruited by dealers who groom them and offer them money to sell drugs in out-of-town locations.