Erotic hindu art

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Sex and nudity features prominently in temple sculptures, especially in South India, and in Indian literature; the most well-known literature about sex practices in human history is the Vatsyayana Kamasutrambetter known as the Kama Sutrawritten somewhere between BCE and CE. Up until the invasion of India by several European nations, most notably the British, sex for pleasure was perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged, in Indian life — albeit in the marriage bed. The following paintings were done in 19th century India, and while they are typical of earlier artworks about sex, you can see the puritanical influence creeping in in the form of demons and devils participating in the sex acts.

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India’s temples of sex

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Deities Doing It: Religious Representations of Eroticism and Desire in India

Photo by Nuchhe Man Dangol. As I am from a Hindu background, I went to Temple. But this time I saw these temples in a new light. I began to wonder why I saw an erotic art in the temple.

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In this chapter of discussion, I am about to cultivate the Indian sculpture art profoundly to find out the inner thought of erotic sculptures which are highly controversial in every era of Indian as well as the human civilization. Those sculptures already have taken the highest label in every aspect of artistry accordingly incite numerous controversies that forcefully misguided us by producing a wrong direction. Now at the first, we have to find out the actual meaning behind the Indian erotic sculpture in the focus of the Indian history and the traditional spiritual impact of the Indian civilization. Because to understand the art and culture of any country, it is necessary to have a wide knowledge regarding the traditional thought, beliefs that dominate the lifespan of the inhabitants.