Facial drawing

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I get often questions about drawing realistic faces. Drawing hair can also be seen as an individual subject for more tips and tricks regarding hair click here. However, in this post we are going one step further.

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How to Draw a Variety of Facial Expressions!

When creating realistic portraits, it is important to get the facial proportions correct. True, there is a formula for positioning facial features. This formula should be used to help you see and compare. Classic facial proportions are the "ideal" proportions, that were developed in antiquity.

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Drawing the Facial Features

Do you find yourself searching for correct proportions of the face, wondering how on earth to find the line of the eyebrows? Where the bottom of the nose is? The placement of the eyes?

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This course gives a real time explanation and demonstration of creating the eye, nose, lips, and ear. This will give you an inside look at the full creation of each feature and tips to help you along the way! For each tutorial I will be working in black and white to keep focused on the drawing with a HB traditional pencil and a Kneaded Eraser.