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Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Competition watchdog trains guns on 11 condom makers. Curds to condoms: This company delivers all.

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Philippine AIDS Bill Silent on Condom Promotion

This range was made available at a lower cost as compared to other products offered by the company. Feels is sold at USD 0. This was a strategic move by the company to gain a higher share of the South African market, as public health organizations offer condoms free of cost in the country.

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If you had just been prepared in advance you wouldn't be freaking out right now. You should have bought your condoms online and you could have skipped that midnight run to the gas station. What a buzzkill! Well, let me tell you, those moments of terror are over.

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Nancy Goldstein is a writer and communications consultant who lives in New York. Earlier this week, Pope Benedict XVI began his first tour of Africa as pontiff by telling reporters that the continent's HIV pandemic couldn't be resolved with the distribution of condoms. He's spot-on about the first part. Distribution of condoms alone won't solve the problem.