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Rude, media, just rude. While the press on her photos is largely positive—she looks stunning, of course—we are pretty sad-face emoji about living in a society where any woman regardless of age is assumed to be ashamed of how she looks without her clothes on. When you're exhausted or stressed out, it's nearly impossible to feel sexy—just ask any mother who has children under the age of five. If you have a very thin friend, you may envy her slender figure.

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How to Feel Good Naked

Whether you're single or in a relationship, the thought of stripping down to your birthday suit can be terrifying. When we hate our bodies, we panic at the thought of showing off our physique, hide under baggy clothes and dread the moments where we have to be intimate. I know it's hard when you despise your body to believe that people wouldn't run away in horror if they saw you naked.

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We Asked Strippers and Sex Workers How to Feel Good Naked

All of us have something about our bodies we don't like. Maybe you grew up wearing T-shirts in the swimming pool, or you've only recently started to outgrow all your pants. Point is, body-image issues can strike at any time, and have surprisingly little to do with outward appearances.

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Did the return of the nude to art in the Renaissance have an impact on public attitudes to nakedness? And meet a body caster - an artist who immortalises your body or parts thereof in exquisite detail. Hello, I'm Amanda Smith. Do you know what naturists nudists call people who wear clothes all the time?