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A bare-chested young man wearing only jewelry holds a transgender woman wrapped in cloth the color of rose gold. The woman's fingers twist themselves in her companion's two necklaces, her palm obscuring a broad tattoo covering his upper chest. Her head rests on the slope of his neck as his hand and bracelets graze her thigh.

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Forbidden Love in a Gay Detention Center: The Musical

Two verses in Leviticus Leviticus and Leviticus express unequivocal condemnation of male homosexual sex although it is not clear whether what is referred to is intercourse or all sexual acts between men. As evident by its language, the biblical prohibition does not extend to female homosexual acts, though later commentators disapproved of lesbianism. One rabbinic source associates female homosexuality with the activities of the Egyptians and Canaanites, from which the Jews are supposed to abstain. Other authorities describe lesbianism as lewd or promiscuous, but do not consider it a capital offense.

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Hidden in plain sight: How gay artists expressed forbidden desire in code

It's a highlight for foodies and also has some cultural gems like the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Historically, the centre point of Beijing was the Forbidden City where the Emperors and their many concubines women battling to become Empress would live. As Beijing developed into a powerhouse populated by 20 million people, the number of hutongs has reduced and there are now around 1, left.

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Soldiers separated from their loved ones during World War II gazed at photographs of their sweethearts, and wrote love letters in the hopes that one day, they would be reunited and start a family. One soldier, Gilbert Bradley, wrote his letters, too, but he could never keep a photo of his true love, because he was a man named Gordon Bowsher. For decades, their love story remained a secret, and it was hidden away from the eyes of the world. Gilbert Bradley died inand an estate company cleaned out his house and sold his letters to an antique dealer who specialized in war ephemera.