Identify vintage pottery

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Pottery collectors, regardless of their political bent, should rank William McKinley among their favourite presidents. McKinley is responsible for passing one of the most reviled protectionist laws in U. This Act raised taxes on goods imported to the United States to an historical high of up to 49 per cent, reports Peggy Whiteneck in an article on Discover Mid-America.

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Bottoms Up ~ Identifying Unmarked Pottery

When Pottery Companies have an unmistakeable MARK on the bottom that tells the story of age and worth, it's one thing. But, when there are no marks, no "story" with the piece you have found at a recent flea market or garage sale, how do you identify? Cajun Collection offers an insightful article, Identifying American Potteryon identifying pottery with or without a mark, starting with: Look at the bottom!

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How to Identify Art and Studio Pottery

This pottery vessel was made in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 20th century by Grueby Pottery. The short answer is lots and lots of experience! But how does one go about obtaining that experience?

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Antique Roseville pottery is collected not just for its understated Arts and Crafts style beauty but for its charm as Midwest Americana. Its pieces are some of the most beautiful American antique vasesbowls, and wall scones, and complement furniture such as antique tables or antique lamps. The Arts and Crafts movement was a response to both political and artistic change. One of its aims was to provide dignity and beauty to the working and lower-middle classes by emphasizing the beauty of handmade artisan objects and, at the same time, to produce affordable goods that added beauty to utility.