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By Greg Evans. Not cool at all. The photographer was not caught in the act, nor has he or she been identified.

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Simon Chan has established a reputation as a professional gallery director who has helped many aspiring artists by showing them in his Art Atrium Gallery. Mixing exhibitions of established artists with younger artists, he has created a perfect way to promote living artists in difficult times. Simon has also endeavoured to get prominent figures in the art world to open his exhibitions, which is a good way to publicise and promote younger artists. Art Atrium is the invention of Simon Chan, an Architect who has a passion for art, especially indigenous art and architectural drawings.

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It is an adaptation of William S. Burroughs ' novel of the same nameand an international co-production of CanadaBritain and Japan. Naked Lunch has since become a cult film.

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Furniture Living Room. Case Pieces and Storage Cabinets. Rugs and Carpets.