Sperm bank insemination

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Single women who want a biological child also use DI, as well as LGBTQ couples also may consider using donor sperm as a means to conceiving. It is very important that the couple or individual be psychologically ready to move forward with using donor sperm. Most doctors recommend that any patients considering Donor Insemination DI see a counselor who is skilled at clarifying feelings about infertility, and about trying DI.

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Can I Artificially Inseminate Myself? An Expert Explains

Other indications may include sterilization i. Donor semen is obtained from our own sperm bank ReproMedthe only source in Canada of Canadian donors. ReproMed specializes in the cryopreservation freezing of sperm for DI and for storage of sperm for individual men for their own use in the future. This last method is used frequently, for example, with male partners who are unable to produce a semen specimen on demand or if the male partner travels frequently.

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IVF using a Sperm Donor

ReproMed is pleased to announce the launching of its offsite home insemination Program. We understand that some of our patients are not necessarily looking for fertility treatment but are mainly seeking access to safe and compliant donor semen samples. In addition, others may be looking to have the insemination performed in a comfortable and intimate setting.

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Treatment with donor sperm involves either donor sperm insemination — also known as IUI with donor sperm - or IVF with donor sperm. At Manchester Fertility we do not have a waiting list for treatment with donor sperm. We can offer you immediate access to traceable and health-screened UK sperm donors from our own sperm donor bank. You can start treatment straight away, supported by our caring and experienced team every step of the way, from choosing your sperm donor to pregnancy test.