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Stock Accessories. VoidCap is a polystyrene expansion cap with a removable top that can be placed over all types of expansion joint. After the concrete is poured, the top of the VoidCap is level with the surface of the slab. Any type of self-leveling caulk can be placed into the void sealing the joint from surface moisture.

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ZIP STRIP - 10' x 1 1/2" - 50/PKG

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Now let's talk about what are arguably the most important type of joints—certainly the most likely to cause problems. Both isolation and construction joints are formed before the concrete is poured; contraction joints or control joints are "placed" in the fresh concrete before it has a chance to create its own joints—also known as cracks. What a contraction joint really is in the end is a crack in the slab that we force to follow a line of our own choosing.

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Again, sorry if the title threw you off. It deals with common questions we receive about epoxy floor coatings. Many of these questions come from residential homeowners concerning their garage or basement floors. Much of the information is applicable to the commercial environment as well.