Condoms stink

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I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have organized two sex dates with two men on the same day. One of them is someone I don't see often because he comes into town very rarely, and the other, well, he's new, but I'm really looking forward to seeing him. Let's just say I'm not going to break either date - nor do I see being able to reschedule them.

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I Tested Out 7 Different Condoms, And Here's How They Stack Up

Condoms are an important part of many men's sex lives - particularly those men who want to wait a little longer until they start receiving Father's Day cards. But men often have a love-hate relationship with condoms and may list several reasons for not wanting to wear them if they can help it. For example, some men just don't like the smell of latex. Fortunately, in addition to other better-condom-using tips I've shared with youthere are options to help you tackle the latex smell issue.

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Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, and your individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part. Certain foods can give it a sweet scent and taste! But eating or drinking acidic substances can make your semen smell foul. Some infections and conditions can influence its odor, too.

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Melissa Stanger. Men are notorious for being the chief condom complainers when it comes to sex I mean, they're the ones who usually have to wear thembut guess what, guys? I would even venture to say that women hate them more — because there are many more reasons for women to hate them. Even if you're not sticking your nose in it, you can still smell that unmistakeable latex smell when you unwrap a condom.