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The intertidal Bivalvia Barrimysia siphonosomae Montacutidae and Pseudopythina ochetostomae Kelliidae live commensally with Siphonosoma cumanense Sipuncula and Ochetostoma erythrogrammon Echiurarespectively. Both bivalves are hermaphrodites although males and females may occur. Paired, pouch-shaped seminal receptacles are located in the suprabranchial chamber near the genital opening of both species. The interior of the receptacles of sexually mature individuals contains numerous non-epithelial cells separated by narrow spaces that serve as a depot for sperm cells.

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Andrology: Sperm Morphology

Rising and more variable global temperatures pose a challenge for biodiversity, with reproduction and fertility being especially sensitive to heat. Here, we assessed the potential for thermal adaptation in sperm and egg function using Tribolium flour beetles, a warm-temperate-tropical insect model. Following temperature increases through adult development, we found opposing gamete responses, with males producing shorter sperm and females laying larger eggs.

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the dependence between ejaculate traits, sperm morphology, and ejaculate volume in Duroc boars. The analysis involved ejaculates collected from 12 Duroc boars kept in three artificial insemination centres located in central Poland. Ejaculates were collected manually at one-month intervals, over a period of 10 months.