Thumb rings

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Top definition. Thumb ring unknown. A thumb ring is often warn as a sign of power. Traditionally it was worn by archers to protect their thumb during rapid firing.

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thumb ring

A thumb ring provided the archer with a firmer grip of the bowstring. As archery was considered a noble sporting exercise, thumb rings, often carried ostentatiously on strings hung from the belt, were worn as symbols of elevated social status. This example, fashioned in pale green nephrite jade set with gemstones in gold foliate mounts, is typically Ottoman. Not on view.

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Simple Silver Band Thumb Ring

A thumb ring is a piece of equipment designed to protect the thumb during archery. This is a ring of leather, stonehornwoodboneantlerivorymetalceramicsplasticor glass which fits over the end of the thumb, coming to rest at the outer edge of the outer joint. Typically a flat area extends from the ring to protect the pad of the thumb from the bowstring; this may be supplemented by a leather extension.

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