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A heart murmur is a sound made by turbulent blood flow within the heart. Your doctor hears this sound with a stethoscope. A murmur can occur in a normal heart. Or it may indicate some problem within the heart.

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Evaluation and Management of Heart Murmurs in Children

NCBI Bookshelf. Boston: Butterworths; A murmur is a series of vibrations of variable duration, audible with a stethoscope at the chest wall, that emanates from the heart or great vessels.

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Heart Murmurs and Valve Disease

Heart murmurs are heart sounds produced when blood is pumped across a heart valve and creates a sound loud enough to be heard with a stethoscope. There are two types of murmurs. A functional murmur or " physiologic murmur" is a heart murmur that is primarily due to physiologic conditions outside the heart.

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Heart murmurs result from disturbed or turbulent blood flow, and can be caused by higher than usual flow, or lower than usual viscosity e. Murmurs can be present at birth congenital or develop later in life. A heart murmur is a clinical finding, not a disease, but murmurs may indicate an underlying heart problem. Murmurs can be physiological functional or pathological organic.