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And now a razor brand is encouraging customers to only get rid of the hair you want to rather than feeling compelled to be a hairless dolphin from head to toe. Some of the models have pubic hair that reaches beyond the edges of their swimsuits hardly a stretch given the current trend for ever-higher cutsand some have none. We all have preferences and priorities when it comes to hair removal — and they might still require the purchase of a razor.

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Women Are Ditching Shaving for #Januhairy on Social Media

Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. Shaving ads for women have traditionally depicted semi-naked ladies joyously caressing their already hairless legs and underarms with razors. In a sharp departure, razor brand Billie is trying something new: ads featuring naturally hairy women.

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Women's razor ad may be the first to feature hairy legs (and armpits, and bikini lines)

But, inevitably, that makes the imagery inherently controversial because there are still many minds to change about the normalness, naturalness, and acceptability of body hair and the freedom of each individual to do with it as they please. And some of those minds had a lot to say about the campaign video. Yahoo reports that when the Instagram meme account beigecardigan shared the Billie clip, the comments were full of disapproving and often remarkably ignorant opinions.

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She also power-poses, taking up space — evidently never having been informed that girls in pretty dresses should keep their knees together. On her feet, a pair of pristine sneakers announce themselves as the footwear of choice for fierce gals in skirts. And on her legs, the ultimate fashion accessory for this and, in my opinion, every winter: hair. The hair, predictably, has offended those with delicate sensibilities.