Adult hypoplastic acetabulum

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Left acetabulum has a steep contour and is shallow. Left femoral head has lost its normal rounded shape and is flattened with a short femoral neck. Plate and screws are seen following a previous left proximal femoral osteotomy. The right femoral head is also mildly uncovered with a reduced center edge angle and a mildly shallow acetabulum consistent with mild acetabular dysplasia.

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Our knowledge of orthopaedics. Your best health.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. The results of 61 such operations in 50 patients are reviewed. The average follow up was 45 months minimum 36 months. All grafts had united by 6 months and there was no failure of the bone grafts or acetabular loosening.

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Acetabular Dysplasia

Orthopaedic surgeons specialising in adult hip reconstruction surgery often face the problem of osteoarthritis secondary to congenital hip disease CHD. To achieve better communication among physicians, better treatment planning and evaluation of the results of various treatment options, an agreed terminology is needed to describe the entire pathology. Furthermore, a generally accepted classification of the deformities is necessary. Knowledge of the CHD natural history facilitates comprehension of the potential development and progression of the disease, which differs among the aforementioned types.

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Over time, this instability causes damage to the labrum and cartilage lining of the joint, which can result in pain and development of early hip osteoarthritis. Acetabular dysplasia can be a result of developmental dislocation of the hip DDH that was treated in infancy or childhood. Therefore, children treated for hip dysplasia should be closely followed by a physician until their bones are fully grown. Acetabular dysplasia can exist as a mild issue that can take years to decades for symptoms to develop.