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BattleCry's founder, Ron Luce, believes teens are incessantly barraged by sex, violence and immorality and that they need to create a Christian alternative. On Saturday, he showed the possibilities. Several popular Christian bands, including POD, Casting Crowns and Unhindered, sang rock songs with choruses such as "I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross.

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23,000 teens sound a battlecry

The Battle Cry Campaign was an organizing initiative [1] of a now-defunct parachurch organization known as Teen Mania Ministries. This initiative, started in and headed by Teen Mania founder Ron Lucehad an evangelical Christian orientation; it primarily sought to influence American and Canadian social and political culture. The basic purpose of the Battle Cry Campaign, as described in its promotional materials and events, was to ensure that Christianity survived in America by redefining society: [2].

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The Christian Post

One of the largest youth ministries in America headed up by well known youth speaker Ron Luce is holding the last events of the year for youth leaders in both Philadelphia and Washington, D. Over 1, youth leaders, ministry leaders, and pastors are rallying to win back the youngest generation, which has been bombarded with messages of alcohol, sex, drugs, and a self-centered lifestyle, according to Teen Mania Ministries spokesperson, Shawn Winn. All these things are being poured in day in and day out. Never before have we had such an attack on a generation like this.

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It was one of the largest Christian youth organizations in the U. Its primary program included "Acquire the Fire" events, described by one writer as "a mix of pep rally, rock concert and church service," [4] that were held in over 30 cities across the United States and Canada each year. The ministry focused much of its energy towards its domestic and overseas mission trips, operated under the title "Global Expeditions". Teen Mania operated a one-year-long residential leadership training program on its campus, titled the Honor Academy, aimed towards high school graduates, and college students.