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By Andrew Bullock For Mailonline. And after months of waiting for a first look at Goldblum on set, the actor, 65, has cropped up in the latest of Universal's teasers for the blockbuster sequel. As the main trailer for the film is set to drop on Thursday evening, this week has seen the studio drip-feed short hints at what to expect; but the latest is a three minute collection of clips from the film and behind-the-scenes snippets, including a scene with Goldblum at a hearing of some sort.

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The genetically altered ultimate dinosaur behind all that running and screaming in "Jurassic World" is ready for its close-up. Universal Pictures unleashed the global trailer Monday for the upcoming installment of the sci-fi adventure franchise that gave the clearest look yet at the toothy predator that's bigger than a T-Rex and clearly smarter than the employees of Jurassic Park. The two-minute, second trailer focuses largely on the rampaging beast, which kills other dinos for sport and set to gorge on security personnel and tourists like popcorn.

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Nearly naked black boy isla sorna

And as the new 3-D rerelease of Jurassic Park out next weekend proves, some dinosaurs are unnatural-born stars, while others were better left extinct. If forced to rank every dinosaur in the movie, who would come out on top of the food chain? Read on, debate our findings, and hold on to your butts. The Parasaurolophus flock The what?

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