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The popular Fox singing contest cut four contestants from the competition Thursday night, leaving a dozen finalists to vie for the show's record contract grand prize. Next week, for the first time in the show's seven-year history, contestants will be allowed to sing Lennon-McCartney Beatles songs. More than 36 million votes were cast by viewers to pick the top 12, according to host Ryan Seacrest. Among the finalists: Syesha Mercado, a year-old actress who's appeared in a commercial for Ford; David Archuleta, a year-old crooner who won CBS' "Star Search" in at age 12; and Michael Johns, a year-old rocker who moved from Australia to the U.

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Ex-stripper is first to be booted from 'Idol'

There is the perky blond cowgirl, her hair now straightened and her outfits looking to be straight from the mall; the soulful crooner who channels Luther Vandross supremely; the rocker gal who has to fight against lapsing into a Janis Joplin imitation; and the budding teenybopper now stylized to attract an older audience. Nevertheless, the show seems to have settled into the ruts dug by previous years. And among the judges, Simon Cowell is still the mean one whose unvarnished opinions regularly draw boos from the crowd, and Paula Abdul still has trouble at times forming sentences.

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'American Idol' cuts 4 more, leaving 12 finalists

Plus: the Beatles song he wanted to sing instead. American Idol conspiracy, or just a bad song choice? When Ryan told you that you were in the bottom three, you seemed to shrug it off.

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Since millions of people are watching American Idol each week and since a certain incident happened last week that could have used a good public relations professional, I thought I would focus more attention- albeit, from a different standpoint- on the issue that had Idol fans buzzing. For a couple of weeks, American Idol contestant David Hernandez made entertainment and Internet blog headlines with news that he worked as a male stripper at a gay night club prior to being selected to appear on American Idol. To be sure, tongues were wagging at the thought of what Hernandez might publicly reveal of his rumored past.