Vintage balda camera bodies

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This was the third, and best featured of the original Baldessa lineup, improving upon lesser Baldessas with a coupled rangefinder and uncoupled selenium exposure meter. Later Baldessas would be cheaply made, entry level models, leaving the Ib as a bit of a middle tier model in a generally low end lineup. Ina German mechanic named Max Baldeweg moved to Dresden to seek work in one of the many industrial companies in that area. After a couple of years, Baldeweg had developed an interest in photography and in November opened his own company which produced and sold a variety of photographic accessories such as vignetting machines, film pack cassettes, and photographic blinds.

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Balda camera manual

They made cameras up until when the camera production portion of Balda was sold to a Chinese joint venture. Balda AG is now manufacturing components for mobile communications, satellites and the medical industry. They also made Baldax models sold as Lisette under the name Porst. There are a lot of features packed into this comact but heavy pocket-sized folder.

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Balda super baldina manual

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The Baldessa Ia and its sister model the Ib are basically identical to the original Baldessa I with the addition of a coupled rangefinder. The Baldessa Ib then went a step further by also including a built-in light meter. I love unusual cameras and am happy to say that the Baldessa Ia boasts a number of peculiar design choices. Both shutter speed and aperture control rings are on the lens barrel as expected but a black tab has to be pushed in for either of them to move.