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The song of the Puerto Rican Nightjar has been described as an emphatic, regularly repeated " whip, whip, whip " and has a broader frequency range Reynard than the first note of the Whip-poor-will Caprimulgus vociferus. The nightjar also exhibits chorusing behavior with respect to singing: one bird's vocalization elicits responses from nearby individuals ReynardKepler and Kepler Nightjar males will often switch perches before starting another singing bout Vilella

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Sounds and Vocal Behavior

In spite of the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which declared same sex-marriage as protected by the United States Constitution, the practice remains severely frowned upon by many in Puerto Rico. Ina judge ruled that the Obergefell decision did not apply on the island, because Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory and not a state.

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Sexual Behaviors among Adults in Puerto Rico: A Population-Based Study

Amalia L. Horrific reports of human trafficking and smuggling from the Dominican Republic into Puerto Rico have captured media attention over the past twenty years. Based on interviews with government and non-government officials in Puerto Rico this essay examines the indiscernibility of Dominican concerns in the island. The racialization of Dominican women within a xenophobic context, their sexualized labor trajectory, and the framework for understanding human trafficking at the international and national level makes them an invisible and illegible population unlikely to receive any state-level or civil society attention or social assistance.

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Puerto Rico Gov. The Orlando Sentinel reported there are also messages that mock David Begnaud, a CBS News reporter who received widespread praise for his extensive coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico in Begnaud came out publicly as gay in June