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It's always a bit scary interviewing a sex god. And when Elle Macpherson describes a man as "sex on legs", you can be pretty sure he's a sex god. When Emma Thompson prostrates herself before him, and when Madonna adores him and so does J-Lo, and when Naomi Campbell and Mira Sorvino are among the women whose hearts he has allegedly broken, it's probably safe to say that he has a little bit of — well, je ne sais quoi or, perhaps more appropriately, atractivo sexual. Male fans include Tarantino, Armani, Bertolucci and Sting.

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He started to learn the basics of dance when he was twelve but it was when he went to Madrid that his passion for the dance really began. In he revamped the show and then took it to Japan, Australia, and Latin America gaining hoards of new disciples along the way. He is also no stranger to the world of the movies, appearing in the film La Flor de mi Secreto, in and the Carlos Saura film, Flamenco, inwhere he danced a farrucabare chest, again displaying his role model image.

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