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Expressing yourself sexually is an essential part of being human, because it helps you experience pleasure and develop intimacy. Having good sexual function is also important for regulating your needs and desires — emotional and physical. Gaining confidence between the sheets also has the knock-on effect of boosting your libidowhich will lead you to initiate sex with your partner.

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Freud once called female sexuality "the dark continent," and if that's true, then male sexuality might as well be the dark planet. Because when it comes to sexmen are far from simple. As much as they may try to convince us otherwise. The bedroom is one of the great stages of male performance, so what you see on TV is typically far from what can and should be delivered in reality.

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10 Sex Tips for Women That Men Really Want You to Know

Recent research has shown that what women want in a short-term partner and a long-term partner often differ. Similarly, the research showed that women prefer more "feminine" facial features when choosing a husband, as they connote positive character traits like trustworthiness, sensitivity, and reliability. Now, a new study conducted by the female health app Clue sheds further insight into what women want exactly when it comes to casual sex partners. The survey used data from 68, users of the app, and it turns out, the following six traits are key.

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For many women, sex after menopause is not as satisfying as it used to be. But is menopause entirely to blame? But the new study shows that the reasons many women stop wanting sex, enjoying sex and having sex are far more complex.