Most popular celebrity sex tape

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By Ben Rabinovich. The tape was made when Tristan and Jordan were in a relationship and is reported to have been stolen from her phone. The sex tape was said to have propelled Paris Hilton to international fame. And now when people look at me they think that I'm something I'm not just because of one incident one night with someone who I was in love with.

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Celebrities you may not know made sex tapes

While many only seem to remember recent examples like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hiltonthere actually have been a number other and not so famous stars who have had their intimate business released for the world to see. For a look back at the most shocking celebrity sex tape scandals, click through the slideshow aboveā€”and let us know: Who surprised you the most? She claimed that the tape wasn't stagedbut he confirmed it was.

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Celebrities you may not know made sex tapes

SOME stars battle through stage school and then determinedly fight for each role in auditions until the finally hit the big time. Others put themselves through the stress and strain of talent competitions, constantly balanced on a knife edge, not sure if they'll survive the next week. These aren't the only ways to find fame however

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This is the generation of the celebrity sex tape. Grainy, badly-lit footage of your favorite stars at their most exposed is now only a search and a click away. There are the sex tapes that were initially released illegally until a deal was struck so everyone got paid. Here are the 12 most common celebrity sex tape searches, ranked by the Google Insight Index.